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Established on : 2004 

In Sri Lanka except in city of Colombo there was no organized Police Emergency service to attend to the Emergency all of the general public. The citizens of Colombo has been provided with a service by Colombo Emergency control, which is located at Police Secretariat building with the telephone Number 011-2433333 to attend to the emergency calls. This was a basic service without a proper system. As it became absolutely necessary to introduce a similar system practices in other development countries with T/P Number 119, Police emergency service 119 was established in Sri Lanka at IG's Command and Information Division, Mirihana on the 8th November 2004 . By introducing of this national Project the following benefits will be enjoyed by the Sri Lankan Society and the Foreigners visiting Sri lanka .

  • In case of an Emergency the 119 Police response team will immediately call over at the scene.
  • In case of a Motor Traffic Accident Police, quickly easing off the traffic jams and making necessary investigations will assist the Motorist.
  • In a disaster situations, (man made/natural)

Inspector General of Police - Pujith Jayasundara

Pujith Jayasundara
Inspector General of Police

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