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Sri Lanka Police
Please read the instructions given below carefully.
When fulfil the question 10,11,21 and 22 in this clearance paper, please draw your attention for the following facts.

10.     Write the name in English block letters in the application, according to the name in National Identity Card.
  • The Police clearance report could be available only to the name in National Identity Card.
11.     If user and another name in the passport except the name in National Identity Card, that name should be mentioned in the             part has been provided to the name in the passport.
21.     It should be included the duration only resided in Sri Lanka. (Except the period in abroad)
  • It should be mentioned correctly the durations of residence. (Year/Month/days)
  • It should be mentioned correctly, an addresses of residence and police stations. By means of including correct mentioned facts above, It will be co-operated to issue the report of clearance within 14 office days.
22.     Only a relation in Sri Lanka. Whose name has been mentioned in the application which was fulfilled by the applicants in       abroad, can be submitted to the office in accepted clearance application situated at Olcort Mawatha, Colombo 11

  • Below mentioned documents should be submitted with your application.
  • Attained with an original copy of National Identity Card and passport.
  • Renew your National Identity Card if it is not clear.
  • Applicants below year 16 in age should be submitted the original copy of the Birth certificate with a photo copy.
  • Clear two copied of National Identity Card.
  • One Photo copy of valid passport
  • If your required clearance report to the other name except the name use in National Identity Card, documents mentioned below should be submitted to the use name.(Only for the applicants in abroad) through the
    • Original copy of the affidavit certified be a Justice of peace as a lawyer.
    • A recognized to prove the use name  ex. A copy of bank document, A copy of valued driving license.
Attained with original copy of the National Identity Card and the passport.
Renew your National Identity Card if it is not clear.
Please be kind enough the police clearance report is based on environmental report made through an investigation regarding you be the department of police, is issued be the director of administrative in the Police Headquarters.
    • The Police Clearance report is issued to the Officers in active service in police, three forces, Civil security forces and coastal security forces only through the written permission of licensed officer.

    Contact Telephone Numbers

    Application Centre 0112422994

    OIC/Clearance Branch 0112013071 / 0112013072/ 0112439185-88


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