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Police College - Aspect of Physical Training

In addition to the training in parade and Musketry the trainees are engaged in sport activities too. The following programmers are scheduled to shape the recruit physically to meet the rigorous of a profession that require maximum physical fitness and mental alertness. ( “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” - A healthy mind in a healthy body).

Graduated physical exercises and endurance programme. Designed, to bring the recruit to a high standard of physical fitness.

A combat course geared to train the recruits in counter guerilla and Insurgent tactics and deal with situations requiring paramilitary Operations (Trained by Foreign Trainers.)


Physical Training

 Physical Training 01

A Self defense Course, Which includes Karate, Judo and other forms of unarmed combat (Trained Japan Karate/ Judo/ Taekwondo trainers.)

Physical Training 03


 Training in swimming and life-saving.

Physical Training 04

A trained and highly skilled set of Physical instructors are utilized for the purpose of handling all these aspects of physical Training.

Physical Training 05


C.D. Wickramaratne
Inspector General of Police


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