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Police College -Facilities - General

  1. Accommodation
    1. Living Accommodation
      • The Senior Staff Mess has residential facilities for 130 officers of and above the rank of sub-inspector.
      • Training Stations at the Main Wing and the IOT/W have comfortable residential facilities for 900 trainees
    2. Class Room accommodation-
      Class Room Accommodations available at the Main Wing in 21 class  rooms and at the IOT Wing in two class rooms for 50 trainees each.

  2. Messing
    • The Senior and Junior Staff Messes of the Police College have their own messing facilities.
    • Recruit's Mess Functions with kitchen and dining hall, to cater to approximately 1000 Trainees.
    • There is  a separate Mess at the IOTW to cater to 150 trainees and staff.

  3. Extra Curricular Activities.
    The Following facilities are available for extra curricular activities.
    • 3 Play grounds
    • 50 Mt. Firing Range
    • Gymnasium
    • Driving School
    • Jeep Track
    • Driving/Riding Training Track
    • Endurance/Obstacle course
    • Well equipped Swimming Pool
    • Equestrian Riding Paddock
    • Sham Court
    • Museum
    • Jungle patches for Combat Training
    • Grenade Bay
    • High Velocity Firing Range (100 m)
    • Modern Armory
    • Tennis Courts

  4. Library
    • There is a Well-equipped reference Library and a General Library for the use of both Staff and the Trainees.

  5. Entertainment
    • The Cinema Hall (Magulmaduwa) which accommodates 450 persons is equipped with a wide-screen and cine projections facilities for both 16mm and 35mm films. Instructional and other films are  a regular feature.

  6. Religious Facilities
    • Buddhist shrine caters to the needs of the Buddhist staff and trainees and  Hindu Kovil for  Hindu Trainees . Christians & Muslim Trainees are allowed to visit the Kalutara Mosque/ Church  for religious rites.

  7. General Facilities: 
    The following general facilities are available to cater to the needs of both Staff and Trainees:
    • Post office
    • Dispensary and Sick Bay
    • Welfare shop
    • Farm Shop
    • Barber saloon
    • Laundry
    • Bakery
    • Canteen
    • Tailor Shop
    • A Circuit Bungalow is also available for use by Visiting Lecturers etc


C.D. Wickramaratne
Inspector General of Police


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Emergency: 119,

IG's Help Desk
+94 11 2444480
+94 11 2444483

Police Headquartes:
+94 11 2421111

Child & Women Bureau:
+94 11 2444444