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Special Task Force - 2nd Eelam War - 10.06.1990 to Jan 1995

The 2nd Eelam War commenced on 10.06.1990 with the departure of the Indian Peace Keeping Force. LTTE Chief Negotiator Anton Balasingham, his wife Adela Balasingham, LTTE political leader Thamilchelvam, who came for peace talks, were provided security by the Special Task Force on the orders of the Government.

With the attack on Security Forces in the East, taking of Policemen as hostages and killing of nearly 600 of Police personnel, the 2nd Eelam War commenced, In order to restore civil administration in the East; an operation was carried out under the leadership of ASP Upali Sahabandu, a team of S.T.F. personnel via Yala sanctuary. Another team led by ASP N.K.Ilangakoon (the present Inspector General of Police) started from Monaragala Lahugala area, targeting the LTTE Camps located in the East.

Special Task Force - 2nd Eelam War - 10.06.1990 to Jan 1995

pecial Task Force 2nd Eelam War During this period, Lionel Karunasena, SSP, was the Commandant of the S.T.F. According to the Operational plans drawn up by him, the S.T.F. were able to advance successfully in Panama 'and Lahugala areas in the face of heavy fighting by the LTTE, The Army Camp at Arugambay which was surrounded by the LTTE was saved and the LTTE leader Jaya was killed. LTTE power in Arugambay, Pottuvil and Tirukkovil was crushed and new STF Camps were established in Panama, Pottuvil, Tirukkovil and Sagama. Once again the East was brought under the control of S.T.F. successfully.

During this time an operation was carried out to weaken the LTTE terrorists in Batticaloa Kokkadicholai and in Mandur area. Operation "Day Break" in Kalawanchikudi, Operation "Double Barrel" in Karadiyanaru to capture power in Eeralakulam and Operation “Red Rio" and "Red Arrow" were launched to capture power in the East. Up to this time 70 Camps and Sub Camps were established and the S.T.F. was able to restore civil administration. To achieve this victory, 150 STF personnel sacrificed their lives in defence of the motherland. The able leadership given to the S.T.F. by DIG Lionel Karunasena will be recorded in the history of the S.T.F, forever.

Special Task Force 2nd Eelam War To increase the strength of the S.T.F., In-service trained Reserve Police Platoons were attached to the S.T.F. in 1991 and with their assistance, civil administration in Batticaloa and Ampara Districts in the East was established. The service rendered by the S.T.F. is appreciated both locally and internationally.


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