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Special Task Force - 4th Eelam War - 26.07.2006 to 18.05.2009

On 26.07.2006 with the collapse of the Peace Accord, the Government had with the LTTE, under the leadership of H.E. the President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse and Secretary of Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse an humanitarian operation was carried out to liberate the people who were undergoing great hardship under the LTTE organization, The STF gave fullest support to this operation. Then SSP R.W.M.C. Ranawana, who was in charge of Operations in the Southern part of the East, launched the 4th phase of the "Niyathai Jeya" operation. This enabled the STF to capture LTTE Kanjikudichiaru Base, known as "Stanley Base" and all the LTTE camps in the jungle areas of the East.

Special Task Force - 4th Eelam War - 26.07.2006 to 18.05.2009

Special Task Force - 4th Eelam War SSP Ranjith Perera, SP Wimalasena, SP Ayasa Karunarathna, ASP Hadjee, ASP Patrick Silva, ASP Sylvester Wijesinghe, ASP Kalum Gunathunga ASP Padiwita, ASP Vidura Dissanayake, ASP Gunarathne, ASP Raththepitiya, ASP Senadeera and several other senior officers took part in this operation.

During this period SSP Jayaweera was in charge of STF troops in Vanni sector. His able support was given to the Army in liberating Vanni theater.

With this victory, under the guidance of Secretary of Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse and Senior DIG/STF Mahinda Balasuriya, the STF grew in strength. With the establishment of the Eastern Operational Headquarters in Ampara town on 16.10.2007, the STF joined up with the Security Forces to eradicate terrorism in the East.

Special Task Force - 4th Eelam War - 26.07.2006 to 18.05.2009

Special Task Force - 4th Eelam WarIn an operation carried out by the Army with the assistance of the STF on the A5 Highway (Chenkaladi to Mahaoya), it was able to capture the area from Pullimalai to Chenkaladi junction, Lavaniaru, Unichchi, Vavunativu in Karadiyanaru area and established Camps in Kokkadicholai area too. DIG Nimal Lewke who rendered leadership to the STF left the STF on 23.03.2008. It should be mentioned that under his leadership he was responsible for combating terrorism by providing training to the STF according to international standards. He was also responsible for forming the Parachute Unit on 06.03.2006. These notable contributions should be mentioned in the history of the STF.

On 24.03.2008 K.M.L. Sarathchandra, DIG, assumed duties as the new Commandant of the STF. It was an important time in the activities of the STF. The Humanitarian Operation to combat terrorism in the East was extended to the North. The STF successfully coordinated with the Security Forces and built up a good relationship with the Ministry of Defence and was able to bring number of victories to the STF.

Special Task Force - 4th Eelam War - 26.07.2006 to 18.05.2009

Special Task Force - 4th Eelam WarOn 12.07.2010 the administration of the STF was brought under the direct control of the Ministry of Defence. This gave a new outlook for the STF. The STF which gave direct assistance to combat terrorism for 30 years took an important step to establish camps at district level to help the Police to maintain national security and public peace. At the present moment there are over 8000 STF personnel attached to 69 Camps and Sub Camps throughout the island.

In order to curb terrorism in Sri Lanka, STF gave valuable military assistance to the Sri Lanka Army from the time of the Mavil aru Humanitarian Operation up to the end of the war. Similarly it was able to bring an end to the killing of civilians and other LTTE activities which took place at different locations in the East and in the jungle areas of Yala in a very short time. This was possible due to training given to Special Task Force Small Teams, who made discreet inquiries and carried out surprise raids on several occasions in the Yala jangle area.

Special Task Force - 4th Eelam War - 26.07.2006 to 18.05.2009

Special Task Force Small TeamFrom the inception of the S.T.F. upto date, 462 STF heroes have sacrificed their lives in the defence of the country. 31 of them were personnel attached to Batticaloa Ampara police divisions, 06 minor employees were killed due to the war. 792 STF personnel sustained injuries and were disabled due to the same reason.

Special Task Force - 4th Eelam War - 26.07.2006 to 18.05.2009


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