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Special Task Force - Ordinary Divisions

In January 1988 STF established its Logistics Division at the Rear Headquarters Gonahena. 4 sub divisions of Logistics too were established respectively in Vavuniya, Mahaoya, Ampara and Siyambalanduwa. This Division does all purchases and distributes to all Camps.

Special Task Force - Ordinary Divisions

The main Transport Unit of the S.T.F. is located at Rear Headquarters, Gonahena. All STF vehicles are serviced and repaired here. This was the first Division to be established by the S.T.F. Sub Units of Main Transport Unit were later established in Katukurunda, Ampara and Vavuniya.

STF vehicles of all Divisions and Camps are well maintained and vehicles which require repairs are expeditiously carried out.

An institution in the United Kingdom known as “Kini Mini Service (KMS)” consisting of ex SAS officers initially undertook to provides special training to STF personnel. In the latter part of 1980, with the taking over of the training of STF personnel from the SAS Trainers, training duties were carried out under the guidance of Upali Sahabandu, Supdt. Of Police. Due to his efforts and dedication, a Training School was established with all necessary facilities, on the 60 acre land of the Teachers Training School at Katukurunda, Kalutara. The STF started training with VIP Protection training, Small Team training, Special Weapons and Tactics training , Search and Bomb Disposal training, Skills training, Computer training, Motor Cycle Riding& Driving training as such. Personnel of the Air Force, Navy, President’s Security Division, Army Special Forces, Army Commandos Unit, Sri Lanka Police and other civil organizations were also trained by the STF at times on VIP security. STF also provide training to service personnel of India and the Maldives on VIP training.

Special Task Force - Ordinary Divisions

A Jungle warfare training camp was established at STF Base Sastraweli in Arugambay area to provide special training to combat terrorism in Jungle areas. Another camp was opened at 18th Mile Post in Aranthalawa area to provide advance field training to STF troops.

The Welfare Division of the S.T.F. is based at S.T.F. Headquarters, Colombo. Its main aim is to provide enhanced welfare facilities to dependants of the brave S.T.F. heroes who sacrificed their lives in facing the terrorists and for their dedication to duty.

At present STF personnel render a great service by contributing to the "S.T.F. Welfare Fund". The following are the welfare work in which they are involved in.

  1. Every year on 1st of September a “Pinkama ceremony” is held to commemorate the fallen STF heroes, with the participation of the dependants.
  2. During the Sinhala/Tamil New Year period the homes of the dependents of deceased officers, are visited and presented with Gift Parcels.
  3. Assistance was provided to officers to participate in National and International sporting events.
  4. Financial assistance is given to obtain medical treatment to disabled officers and for other welfare facilities from the welfare fund.
  5. Payment of gratuity to personnel who retire from service.
  6. “Get- togethers” are held for disabled officers and children to uplift their morale.
  7. Financial assistance is also given to serving officers to meet funeral expenses of their relatives.
  8. Scholarships are being given to School going children of those who sacrificed their lives.

Two Welfare shops were opened at STF Headquarters, Colombo and at Rear Headquarters, Gonahena to enable STF personnel to purchase Electrical and other house hold items for a reasonable price on installment basis.

Apart from their security duties, STF personnel are engaged in dengue control work. Assisting families affected by the tsunami. STF personnel based in Arugambay sea coast provides a great service to sea bathers in the area and upto now have saved more than 150 lives from drowning.

The Communication Division which was established in 1983 has now improved to reach a very high standard. For nearly 30 years they have intercepted LTTE transmissions and provided valuable information regarding LTTE activities and thus helped to carry out successful operations. When the LTTE transmissions were functioning it was possible to find out the direction from where the LTTE transmissions originated and identified their locations. From the information received by them, the LTTE attacks on Tikkodai STF Camp, Ambalanturai camp were successfully repulsed.

The information received from this Unit, helped to successfully to repulse the heavy attacks launched by the LTTE on the STF Camps and to launch counter attacks.


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