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Mounted Police - Strength


The main stables are in Colombo and three other sections are functioning in Kandy , Nuwara Eliya and Kalutara . The sanctioned number of horses for the Division are – 60
Colombo - 40
Kandy -10
Nuwara Eliya - 08
Kalutara - 02


Disciplinary control

The Police Mounted Division in Colombo and the rest of the units are under the D.I.G. Mounted Range, and in direct command and control of Director Mounted Division. All disciplinary and financial matters etc comes under the direct purview of D.I.G. Mounted Range


Mounted Police – Strength

The Personnel Of The Division Are Divided Into Three Categories - Qualified Mountees, Non Mountees And Civilian Staff


Trained Horseman for Mounted Duties

  • Shall be regarded as specialists and will be transferable only under the conditions laid down for specialists under Departmental orders. They are entitled for a special allowance.
  • Non – Mounted uniformed staff.
  • For Reserve, Guard, Office, Clerical duties and to driving and transportation.
  • Civilian Staff
  • Horse keepers, Apprentices and laborers.