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Crime Division

"Creating a peaceful society-Taking adequate measures to prevent committing crimes Winning the confidence of the People by actively Participating in the Criminal Justice System when crimes are committed"

"Getting Involved in implementing the Community Based Policing-Collecting criminal intelligence -Taking prompt action to investigate crimes -Educating the public of their roles and rights in curbing crimes-Training police officers to perform anti-criminal work investigation and assess the work of Territorial Divisions- Maintaining a good rapport with all relevant agencies involved in the criminal Justice System -Getting the fullest co-operation of the law abiding citizens to curb crimes."


History of Crime Division
The Crimes coordinating Secretariat Division was started in 1978 under DIG crime Mr.Sundaralingam & Director Crime SSP Mr.F.B. Wettasingha and had been assigned with the under mentioned functions:

  1. Director Crime Secretariat
  2. Administration Branch
  3. Police Liaison Office at the Hon. “ AG’s Department “
  4. Crimes Statistics Unit
  5. Reward Processing Unit
  6. Archeological Unit
  7. Foreign Employment Bureau Police Unit
  8. Court Branch
  9. Highway Patrol Unit - At Present Not Function
  10. National Crime Detective Bureau - At Present Not Function


  • Present Responsibilities of The Crimes Division
    • Statistics Unit (Maintenance of Crime Statistics and its Evaluation)
    • Compilation if Island wide Crime statistics relating to-
    • Grave Crimes
    • Reportable Crimes
    • Serious & Organized Crimes and
    • Numerous other allied subjects
    • Compilation of statistics pertaining to offenders/Criminals
    • Prepare and maintain Maps, Graphs charts etc., in respect of Crimes and other allied subject.
    • Preparation of returns etc., required to be submitted to IG Police & S/.DIG Crimes,


  • Coordination Administration
    • Preparation of Instructional circulars on Crime and allied matters
    • Handling of correspondence relating to administrative matters in relation to crime
    • Liaisons with Government and NGOO in relation to Crime matters
    • Attendance of Seminars/Work shops/Conferences in respect of the following:
      • License Board
      • Environmental Committee
      • Anti Aids Committee
      • Tourists Board Meetings
      • National Education Committee Meeting
      • AG’s Department/Liaison between the AG’s Dept; and Police Division with regard to Legal adviser or on Crime and legal matters.


  • Court Branch
    • Monitor and receive and maintain all records and files relating to deaths caused as a result of/or in the course of any armed confrontation between Police or Armed service received from OICC Divisions of the preliminary inquiry/observations or any other documents as may be necessary for the purposes of conducting the inquiry by High Court, Colombo. Vide Section 45 A) & (B) and Section 46(1) and (2) of the Emergency Regulations.
    • Leading evidence in High Court relating to the deaths of persons under Emergency Regulations as per Para (a) above.
      Preparation and submission of reports pertaining to confiscation of property under the Emergency regulations to the High Court and minor proceedings
    • Execution of summons and warrants issued personally on the IG Police


  • Police Liaison Office at AG’s Department
    • Maintain of all records of correspondence between Crimes Division, Police Headquarters and AG’s Department.
    • Maintenance of records of all correspondence between OICC Divisions and Attorney General’s Department.
    • Co-coordinating interviews visiting Police Officers with the Officials of the Attorney General’s Department.
    • Dispatch of urgent report and documents to the Ministry of Defense, Police
    • Headquarters, State Departments and OICC Divisions.
    • Coordination and transmission of files extracts and other correspondence from AG’s Department to OICC Divisions and vice versa.


  • Foreign Employment Unit
    Liaisons with Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment in relation to Foreign Employment matters and Foreign Employment Act


  • Archeological Unit
    Liaisons with Archeological Department in relation to Archeological matters and Archeological Act.


C.D. Wickramaratne
Inspector General of Police


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