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Welfare Division


Is to value all members in the force, represent member’s interests and concerns, promote their general welfare and contentment.

Is to provide welfare and support for members enabling them to deliver efficient and effective service to the community we serve.



According to the cabinet decision passed to seek welfare matters of all Government Departments in 1948, the welfare unit was established on 23rd June, 1948 under the supervision of an Assistant Superintendent of Police. Initially only one clerk was allocated to this unit to see the Welfare activities of all officers in Police department.  
Main responsibility of this unit was to provide refreshment to Police Officers who were detailed for special duty to Anuradhapura Poson, Dalada and Kataragama festival through mobile canteen. Due to increase of terrorism and work load, Police Department was compelled to look after the Welfare activities of Police Officers, who were killed, disabled and injured. As a result of these, this unit has been developed in to Welfare Division with the supervision of DIG Welfare Range and has become an essential part of the Department.

Services Rendered to the Police Officers

A brief account of the activities conducted by the police welfare division has been made available for all rank of Police officers performing duties, maintaining law and order of the country to protect the public and the public properties and unitary and territorial integrity.

These services have been extended to dependents of the police officers to safeguarding and providing financial benefits when they become helpless after their guardian offered their lives whilst on duties. And also provide assistants to uphold officer’s living standards, support to children’s education, freely provide medical aids and other various activities, and finally support to get their pension and W & OP benefits when the officers meet the retirement age. 


Office Telephone Numbers
Snr. DIG - Welfare Range   011-2323054
DIG Police Welfare Range   0112325450, 0112421111 Ext 250
Fax 0112399529
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DIG PA 0112323032


Director, Police Welfare Division   0112328695, 0112421111 Ext 400
Fax 0112399531
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ASP Welfare 1   0112544736
ASP Welfare ll   0112327205

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OIC   0112449186,  0112421111 Ext 398
Fax 0112382099
OIC Admin   0112399525
Office Number s  

0112327839, 0112399524,
0112544737, 0112421111 Ext 275


Establishment Welfare Pansion (EWP)   0112334139
Establishment Reserves Pensions (ERP)   0112334751
Establishment welfare Compensations (EWP)   0112334120
Public Service Provident Fund (PSPF)   0112323076


C.D. Wickramaratne
Inspector General of Police


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Emergency: 119,

IG's Help Desk
+94 11 2444480
+94 11 2444483

Police Headquartes:
+94 11 2421111

Child & Women Bureau:
+94 11 2444444