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Traffic Police - Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Police - Frequently Asked Questions

Question : 1.

What shall I do If I meet with an Accident?


  • A driver of the Motor Vehicle shall immediately stop the Vehicle
  • Furnish his Name and Address, the name and address of the owner of the vehicle the distinctive number of the vehicle and other particulars relating thereto.
  • In any case  where the person to whom injury has been caused so request, or if he is unconscious or if the injury caused that person appears to endanger life, take that person immediately to near by hospital  or to a medical practitioner  and thereafter report the accident forthwith to the officer-In-Charge of the nearest Police Station.
  • The driver of the vehicle shall forthwith inform the Police Officer and the Gramasevaka Niladhari along with the documents possessed by the driver.
  • The driver shall report the accident forthwith to the nearest Police Station or if the driver fails to do so one of the occupants should inform the nearest Police Station within twenty four hours of the accident.
  • The driver of the vehicle shall as soon as possible within twenty four hours of the occurrence of the accident shall produce all certificates for purpose of inspection at the nearest Police Station.

 Question : 2.

I have lost my driving licence what shall I do?


You should proceed to the nearest Police Station and lodge a complaint. In the complaint you should mention the number of the driving licence, NIC  Number    in order to obtain the same having done so obtain the copy of the complaint.  In order to obtain a new driving licence produce two copies of your photograph.  Also obtain a application forms from the Commissioner of the Motor Traffic Department or from the Katchcheri having perfected the necessary form submit the same with necessary monetary charges to the RMV obtain a copy of your complaint.  A copy of your complaint is not a valid driving licence.

Question : 3.

My son has not completed eighteen years of age.  Can he use my private car for learning purposes?


  • For the purpose of learning to drive a Motor Vehicle a person who has attained eighteen years may notwithstanding that he not the holder of the driving licence, drive on a highway any motor vehicle, other than a motor coach, hiring car or a lorry carrying passengers or goods.
  • If you are competent to drive you can teach your son/daughter provided a L shape board is fixed to the front/rear of the vehicle.  You should also obtain a learner Insurance policy.  The learner should be over eighteen years of age for the trainer to obtain a learner Insurance Policy.

Question : 4.

I have met with an accident and was injured. The court case is in completed how can I obtain any compensation from authorities

There are two ways

  • Having provided a medical certificates and Police reports to relevant Insurance Agencies.
  • Action has to be instituted in District Court within two years from the occurrence  of the accident.

Question : 5.

I have obtained my driving licences in “ A ” & “ D ” categories. The duration of the driving licences had lapsed. Can I drive the above categories of vehicles without renewal?
Instead of the driving licence obtainable for heavy vehicle, categories for light vehicles such as “ C ” & “ D ” licences could be obtained from the Commissioner of the Motor Vehicle having perfected the relevant form

Question : 6.

I have met with an Accident no injuries to persons there is a traffic congestion what shall I do?
If there is a traffic congestion after an a accident, you shall immediately mark the road about the position of the tyres of the vehicles, and point of accident and remove it to a side till the arrival of the Police

Question: 7.

I was detected having gone against the red lights can I get a spot fine.
You cannot obtain spot fine for the above offence. Any person who has contravened this offence shall on completion after summary trial before a Magistrate be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundreds Rupees or to imprisonment of either description for a term not exceeding six Months or both such fine and imprisonment. If you are found guilty your liable to be prosecuted in Courts.

Question: 8.

I was unable to attend a Magistrate Court on due date for a Traffic Offence what shall I do?
Either you can call over at the relevant Police Station to obtain the next date or motion be submitted to the Magistrate Courts where Traffic cases are taken up and conclude the case. You must also find out the order from the Police Station whether you were re-summoned or warrant issued. The best way of sorting out of a similar problem is to retain attorney-at -law in order to file motion. Remember to honour the Court date.

Question : 9.

How can a education programme be organized for School children on Traffic regulation and Road Safety?
Traffic Administration & Road Safety are primary functions handle by the Traffic Headquarter Division. This is being controlled and administered by Director Traffic. Requirement of Traffic Demonstration and Lectures could be organizing though the respective Police Station where the OIC of the Police Station has to make an application to Director Traffic Headquarters through their Divisional Senior Superintendent of Police. If more details are require the Director Traffic Police Headquarter could be contacted on Telephone Number 2324984 or OIC Traffic Police Headquarters on Tel. No. 23245277. OIC Stations and Traffic Branches are instructed to conduct lectures on Road Safety in their respective areas.

Question: 10.

A Fender was fixed to my vehicle when I bought it. Is it a offence?
No mascot, fender, metal frame or other fittings, which project beyond the two front head lights of motor vehicle shall be carried on such vehicle or affixed to any part thereof. The Commissioner of Motor Traffic is the authority to issue fenders on special instructions with the recommendation of I.G. Police and Road Development Authority. Fenders are prohibited for the simplest reason when the fenders are fitted it could cause savere injuries to the victims as a result of a direct impact.

Question : 11.

I am a frequent traveler to Nuwaraeliya area in order to avoid the mist, fog lights are fitted to my vehicle Can I use fog lights in other areas too?
Extra two lights could be fitted to a motor vehicle parallel to the head lights or below. It can be even a fog lights.

Question : 12.
I have been issued with a spot fine. To whom ii should be paid in order to obtain my driving licence.
A spot fine has to be paid to any post office within fourteen days. The receipt of payment along with a temporary driving licence should be handover to the Police Station before completion of fourteen days to obtain your driving licence

Question : 13.
A unknown vehicle collided with my vehicle and proceeded without stopping What am I to do?
If you are aware of the number / colour / make of the vehicle, complaint has to be made at the nearest Police Station. You have the option to call 119 and inform details for purpose of investigations.

Question : 14.
Two years have lapsed having sold my vehicle I have been issued with summons to appear in Courts for a Traffic Offence what am I to do?
The registered owner shall, within fourteen days after such change of possession, forward to the Registrar a statement in the prescribed form together with the revenue licence for that Motor vehicle and shall deliver to the new owner the certificate of registration relating to the motor vehicle. In this instance you have contravened the motor traffic act 12:2. Hence you have to appear before Court and explain the facts with a help of a Attorney at Law.

Question : 15.
I have tinted glass fitted into my vehicle. Is it a offence?
Use of tinted glass are appended in Government Gazette 875/08 on 16.06.1995 and Gazette Number 1273/28 on 31.01,2003. If windscreen and the two shutters besides the driver are tinted It is an a offence. However 20% tinted glass could be used only on the top portion of the windscreen

Question : 16.
How do I start my day driving my car?

  • Before driving your car,  stick on to the word Power which means thus
    P – Petrol
    O – Oil
    W – Water
    E – Electricity
    R – Rubber ( which mean tires )
  • A journey has to be plan out correctly.  Also see road condition, weather condition and alternative routes before reaching the destination. Planning out has to be done properly before commencement of your journey.


Question : 17.
What is the pedestrian crossing Law?

  • The pedestrian should concentrate on vehicles approaching in the front
  • The pedestrian should cross the road from one side to the other immediately
  • If the pedestrian crossing is manned by a Policeman, the pedestrian should adhere to the orders of the Policeman on duty.
  • When the vehicular movement is controlled by signal lights pedestrian should cross the road at the pedestrian crossing
  • The pedestrian should cross the road at the pedestrian crossing without causing hindrance to any vehicles stopped  at the crossing or causing obstructions to other users
  • The pedestrian should not cross the road within fifty meters on either side of the pedestrian crossing.
  • If traffic signal lights are operating, a pedestrian should not cross  the road (when the red man is indicated ) When green man indicates the pedestrian should cross the road immediately
  • It is safer for the users to cross the road at the pedestrian crossing when the signal light indicates red, to stop the traffic movement.