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Identifying, selecting and recruitment of human resources to develop professional and ideal Police Officers beneficial to the country.


Enlistment of law-abiding citizens possessing basic requisites to increment the emerging vacancies in the Police Service. 

Basic activities of the procedure of Recruitment

  • Firstly the approval for allocation of funds for the posts vacant is sought from the Ministry of Defence through the Management Service Department and Secretary of the Treasury
  • The Management Service Department approved the necessary funds on receipt of the reply from the Ministry of Defence. If the approval is not subject to an additional fund, the allocation for the vacant posts could be obtained from the Accountant, Police Headquarters
  • After obtaining the approval and funds to fill the existing vacancies , the scheme of Recruitment is prepared and if there any amendment to be done, the same is sent to Ministry of Defence, Public security ,Law and Order along with the earlier scheme of Recruitment.
  • The approved Gazette Notification is translated to English and Tamil and sent to Government Language Department to rectify the errors and to obtain a certificate.
  • After preparing the Gazette Notification in Sinhala, Tamil and English obtained the signature of I.G.Police and sent to the Government Press. This Gazette Notification will be published within 3 weeks after handing over to the Government Press.
  • Paper Advertisements to be prepared based on the Gazette Notification and an estimate should be obtained from Lake House. Thereafter allocation of funds should be obtained for the Advertisements from S/D.I.G. Admin and the advertisements should be published in 3 National News papers publish in Sunday.
  • Preparing Scheme of Recruitment: Instructions for the preparation of the Scheme of Promotion should be taken from the Chapter 11 , Volume I of the Establishment Code. The following items should be included specially
    1. Post
    2. Salary Scale
    3. Basic Qualifications
    4. Educational Qualifications
    5. Trade qualification
    6. Physical fitness
    7. Scheme of Recruitment
    8. Back Ground inquiries
    9. Medical Test
    10. Conditions of appointment
    11. Conditions of service
    12. The method of giving marks at the Final Interview


Method of Recruitment

  • Calling Applications for the vacancies are closed 30 days after publishing the Gazette Notification The applications received will be checked and scheduled. Thereafter the suitable applicants are called for the first interview
  • The first Interview will be held by the officers attached to the Recruitment Office Under the supervision of Director /Recruitment Division
  • Only the applicants who are qualified at the first interview will be tested at the endurance test This endurance Test is conducted by the Competent Board of Instructors from the Ministry of Sports under the supervision of Director/Recruitment Division
  • The applicants who are qualified in the Endurance Test have to face a written or Trade Examination which will be conducted by Director/Exam Division, Police Headquarters under the supervision of Director Exam Division.
  • The applicants who passed the written or Trade Examination will be called for the final Interview. This Interview Board consisting of 5 Gazette officers including the Chairman. This Final Interview Board is appointed by the Ministry of Defence, Public security ,Law and Order. A lady Officer must be appointed as a member of this Board in every occasions as much as possible as per the PA Circular No 18/99
  • After the Final Interview Board and the written or Trade Examination ,all marks obtained by each candidate are counted and prepared a merit list. This will be done by the Director Recruitment Division. Enlistment of these applicants will be done after the Back Ground Inquiries on them.

The following clearance should be obtained in respect of the applicants who are qualified in the list based on priority and merit

    1. The report of Officer-in-charge of the Police area where the applicant resides
    2. The confidential clearance issued by State Intelligence Service
    3. Finger prints report issued by the Registrar of Finger Prints
    4. The report of Divisional Secretary whose under preview of the Grama Seva Division where the applicant resides.
    5. Verification of Educational Certificate from the Department of Examination
    6. Accuracy of Birth Certificate of the applicants obtained from the Registrar of Marriages, Births & Deaths.
    7. Medical report obtained from the Police Surgeon
  • In the back ground report , if there is any adverse report against the applicant or one of his relatives who was involved in any criminal charge and punished by the court, the appointment of the applicant will be null & void. Also this will be based if the applicant had not stated the above facts in his declaration form in dishonestly. This back ground report includes the character of the applicant and his close associates.
  • If the Documents and reports produced by the applicant are found forged his enlistment will be null & void and action will be taken to take legal action through Colombo Fraud Bureau
  • The applicants who failed in the Medical Test their enlistments are rejected.
  • After the enlistment of the applicant he will be issued a Regimental Number and a Service Register. The terms of the issue of regimental number are laid down in the fallowing Police Gazettes part II.
    1. Police Gazette No 5969 dated o5th August 1968
    2. Police Gazette No 6022 dated 26th August 1969
    3. Police Gazette No 328 dated 30th August 1968
  • The terms of the issue of Service Register are laid down in the Circular No 1403/98 issued by Police Headquarters.
  • Before the confirmation of Probationary Police Officers, they must obtained a report from Director Recruitment Division whether their inquiries are completed and the terms of conformation is laid down in the Circular No ER 2/92 dated 27.02.1992 issued by Police Headquarters.



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