Information / Services

Services Provided by the Police to the community

01. Emergency services for the public

1-1-9 Police Emergency service free of charge to the caller from any location Island wide.

The emergency service – The Police have in operation strategies to assist the public or any organization encountering adverse situations of any level, which may arise at any unexpected hour disrupting the normal way of life in the society.

The police emergency center on 1-1-9 operating at Inspector Generals command Information center Mirihana receives all public calls of emergencies and prompt action is taken.

The police emergency center on 1-1-9 operating at Inspector Generals command Information center Mirihana receives all public calls of emergencies and prompt action is taken. The relevant local police station and the authorities too will be informed of the complaint in any part of the Island depending the nature of the complaint.

In case of Emergencies (personal and national cases eg. Disaster and accidents) – Police Emergency Response Crew will be at the doorstep within 15 Minutes (in the city), and in all other out station areas the distance and the terrain would effect the response time in reaching the location but will be quickly as possible.

02. Island wide Policing

The entire Island is covered by 401 Police station, which are at service 24 hrs of the day

03. Entertaining complaints of the general public.

The general public could make complains which are entertained and addressed at the earliest. The public has the right to request an acknowledgment of the complaint made.

04. Tourist Police

Special Police units apart from the general police duties are assigned to serve tourists in all maters of guidance relief in adverse situations they have co-ordination with the tourist hotels and cover locations of the frequent and lodge.

05. Issue of extracts of complaints

The OIC of the Police station issues extracts of complaints made by the public on an application made requesting for the same on payment of Rs.25 .00 per hundred words each. An official receipt is issued for the payment.

These extract of complaints are issued only on the provisions of law

The extract which the complainant is entitle in a criminal suit is mentioned in the criminal procedure code section 444 (1). In civil maters, extracts of complaints may be issued on request.

06. Issuing of clearance certificates.
  • Clearance certificates for applicants seeking visas are issued at a nominal rate of Rs. 500.00 each. An application made from abroad cost Rs.1000.00 each
  • Applications could be made through the Police web site online
  • Clearance certificates could be collected and the special counter at the Police Headquarters or by post on choice of the applicant as the case may be

Inquiries relating to Police clearance certificates

Inquiries could be made from the special unit at the Police headquarters Colombo – 01, by telephone number +9411-2013069, +9411-2013070, +9411-2013071, +9411-2013072 between 0930 hrs to 1530 hrs on any working day

07. Issuing of police clearance certificates for employment

The officer in charge of the local police area issues this certificate on a written application made by the applicant on the payment of Rs. 25.00 for which an official receipt is issued.

08. Issue of accident report

The OIC station is duty bound to issue accident report without any undue delay, when insurance co- operation calls for an accident report from the Police to process the claims made by the member of the public. A copy of the first complaint is requested to be attached for the claim

09. Loud Speaker Permits

Permits for the use of loud speakers have to be obtained in terms of section 80 of the Police Ordinance same is issued by any officer of Police of a rank not below the grade of Assistant Superintendent of Police.

10. Gun / Explosive

Permits have to be obtained from the District Secretary on the recommendation of a Police Officer of a rank not below the grade of Superintendent of Police.

11. Processions

Under the amendment of section 77 (1) of the Police ordinance no procession shall be held in any public place, in any area unless notice in writing of such procession has been given to the OIC at least 6 hours before the commencement of such procession

How the Traffic Division could help the public

Initiate projects to educate and assist the public in all aspects pertaining to road traffic and road users.

  • Traffic Division could provide
  • Posters, leaflets, traffic signs and material on prevention of accidents
  • Organise demonstrations
  • Lectures
  • Consultation if they are faced with problems on traffic laws.
  • Telephone Numbers: +94-11-2431718, +94-11-2345277

How Police Narcotic Bureau could help the Public

Any constructive Information of places deal with drug trafficking or suspicious characters could be given in the following telephone numbers or could call over personally. Such information’s will be treated as confidential information’s.

Telephone Numbers: +94-11-2324626, +94-11- 2343333, +94-11-2343334, Fax: +94-11-2440584

How the Human Rights Division could help the public

  • Promotion of Human Rights Awareness amongst the Police Officers so that the Police officers would deal with general public with human rights consciousness.
  • Dealing with HR violations cases referred to the division by inter Ministerial Human Rights Working group. Coordinating with HR defending agencies to render a better service to the public within the frame work of human rights.
  • Telephone Numbers: +94-11-2325391, +94-11- 2440438, +94-11-2421111