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 Road Traffic Accidents

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Traffic Police Headquarters was established in 1953 and it assists the Inspector General of Police in taking decisions on traffic policies and thereafter it helps to implement them and closely monitor implementation. Policing of road traffic in Sri Lanka has become a major task for the Police. Implementation and Enforcement of regulations and Laws comes through powers vested on the Police by the Motor Traffic Act of 1951.The necessity to form a separate unit to control traffic within the city was recognized in 1950 by the Colombo Metropolitan Police. Due to the increase in volume of road traffic in the island the Traffic Headquarters was inaugurated in 1953 to cover the entire island.

  1. Every station presently maintains a traffic branch. Officers entrusted with this specific duty are identified by the white coloured top part of their peak caps and the white belt with cross belt they wear. These officers have undergone extensive training in vehicle examining, traffic accident investigations and court procedures
  2. Traffic wardens employed by the controlling bodies in the cities and towns assist the Police to a certain degree of parking of vehicles within town limits.
  3. With the increase of the numbers of vehicles on the highways causing continuous traffic congestions in the cities especially during the peak hours, the demands on the Police to meet with the situation for smooth running of traffic has a corresponding increase.

Main Functions

  1. Enforce Traffic Laws, prevent violations of traffic regulations and prosecution of offenders
  2. Investigate into accidents.
  3. Control traffic on highways.
  4. Provide pilot duties for VIPP
  5. Assist the public in various social events and functions where motor traffic is involved.

Functions of the Traffic Headquarters

A senior Superintendent is attached to Traffic Police headquarters supervised by Senior DIG Traffic Administration and Road safety/DIG Traffic administration and Road safety designated as Director Traffic Administration and Road safety Traffic, Headquarters” His functions will include the following:-

  1. To keep the Island’s accident statistics; and to supervise and guide The MAAP System and its island wide functions Also to coordinate with RDA and other stake holders in order identify Black Spot areas and to attend to Road infrastructure defects and to make preventive action.
  2. To direct accident preventive action;
  3. To organize Road Safety work on an Island-wide scale;
  4. To act as Adviser and Consultant in all traffic matters;
  5. To train Police Officers engaged on traffic work and accident investigation;
  6. To supervise the Police Traffic schools at the Central Garage and the Training School;
  7. To advise in the organization of traffic schemes on special occasions such as Kandy Perahara NuwaraEliya season Anuradhapura season, Kataragama and Thalavila feast May day and visit of Heads of states and State functions.;
  8. To investigate any special traffic problems with a view to suggesting remedial action;
  9. To advise (in consultation with AG’s Department ) in all legal difficulties connected with traffic work; and to handle suggestions to improve the Traffic Laws and also to expedite in obtaining instructions in filing indictment and plaint in all fatal accidents and serious accidents.
  10. To examine the working of Divisional/District Traffic/Traffic Branches, with a view to bringing about co-ordination and uniformity in the methods of handling traffic problems throughout the Island; and
  11. To organize, maintain and direct the activities of a “ Traffic Circus” and which will operate throughout the Island giving demonstrations of the Road Safety rules at schools and public places and also the Traffic exhibition. Stall
  12. To organize and conduct lectures Island wide for schools Public & Private organizations with a trained team of lectures specially selected on Road Safety & Road Craft and also training of School & other traffic wardens.
  13. To provide motorcades / escorts / pilots on orders of I.G. Police and also to supervise & co-ordinate the motorcade functions for ceremonial escort with Transport Division, Mounted Division, VVIPP protection Divisions and Foreign Ministry
  14. To co-ordinate with Ministry of Highways, Ministry of Transport, Commissioner General of Motor Traffic, National Road Safety Secretariat and other stake holders with regard to Traffic Administration & Road Safety.
  15. To conduct Senior & Junior Traffic Management Courses, Refresher Courses for Officers in Traffic Branches and for Officers who are responsible for motor accidents involving Police vehicles.
  16. To supervise driving schools at Police college and at traffic head quarters.
  17. To conduct Traffic Impact Assessments on new developments on the requests made by UDA and other local authorities on payment and lent charges to be levied.
  18. To supervise STDP and other Express way projects and to train, educate Officers and members of the public and all road users and to administer and supervise high way patrol and control centers.
  19. To supervise the issue of traffic gear. And to make necessary applications for the requirements. Of traffic gear in keeping with modern technology to the entire traffic force for traffic administration and road safety.
  20. To have close liaison with Commissioner General of motor traffic and also supervision of RMV Police post and its administration in providing information with regards to registered owners of vehicle, Driving license, stolen vehicles Suspension and cancellation of license, entering a of demerit points etc.
  21. Monitoring of Divisional road safe committees and assisting the committees.
  22. Probe in to public complaints re accidents and injustice caused to public on orders of IG Police Senior DIG Traffic.
  23. Conducting Cycle races Road Safety and other competitions providing safety and security for large scale international and National events.


How the Division could help the public

Director Traffic Admin & Road Safety +94-11-2324984
Traffic Hqrs could be contacted on: +94-11-2431718 +94-11-2421111 – 283
E-mail – traffichq @


C.D. Wickramaratne
Inspector General of Police


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