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Our Vision:

To create a hassle free, secure, safe & memorable experience to all tourists withinSri Lanka

Our Mission:

  • To build up confidence for the tourists regarding their safety in Sri Lanka
  • To entertain tourists & their complaints courteously, record complaints and implement necessary actions in a professional manner.
  • Conducting surveillances and gathering information regarding the misconducts done by the tourists and monitoring the dishonest organizations linked within the tourism trade.
  • To associate with the tourist service providers and introducing safety measures for the tourists for their travel within Sri Lanka
  • Conducting awareness programs for the various sorts of the Tourist Service Providers in order to minimize issues which are being risen 
  • For better improvement of tourism in Sri Lanka

On the early 1960’s a special police post was initiated at No. 48, Queens’ Street, Colombo 01 with the concept of attending for issues related to the foreign tourists. Subsequently, this place was converted into a formal police station. Since then matters pertaining to tourists were also looked after by the local police station.

With recent growth of the tourists’ influx, Police Tourist Division was inaugurated on 01.06.2007, with the intention of providing efficient service on tourist complaints and to minimize irregularities related to tourism.

Sri Lanka Tourist Police Division Sri Lanka Tourist Police Division


  • Matters pertaining to the Tourism

Networking with the industry

Principle objective on this is to provide a Tourist friendly, professional and prestigious police service. In many crucial events, usual police proceedings consume more time on getting contacts with embassies, consulates, travel agents etc. Additionally, keeping network access with emigration and customs for any of the matters such as tracing records, verifications on immigration details and previous custom declarations, etc will be made available.

Quick access on obtaining and sending such information through internet is required in various situations such as natural disasters, crimes, accidents, etc in order to provide much healthier assistance for the tourist in case they meet with distress.

Networking with the SLTDA has already been completed and furthermore, similar facility is needed to link with the following agencies;
Airport/ Immigration & Emigration dept/ Customs/ Embassies/ Reputed tourist service providers

  • Awareness programs for police officers/ local tourist service providers and other involvers etc...

Training & Education

  1. Aimed to develop knowledge and attitudes among Police officers on under mentioned aspects;
    1. Orientation of foreign languages
    2. Awareness of the law enforcement related to the tourism
    3. Awareness of following sectors in order to minimize practical issues;
      • Immigration procedures
      • Existing custom procedures
      • Import-Export procedures
  2. Training and awareness programs are organized for the tourist service providers in order to fulfill following aspects;

    1. To minimize frauds and deceitful acts over the service providing business
    2. Ensuring quality service to the expenditure borne by the tourist
    3. Enhancement of skills amongst those who engaged within the trade

  • Proper investigations into complaints of tourists\

Investigation & Prosecution

When above preventive measures become unsuccessful, Police Tourist Division compels to take action against those who commit offences and bring them before the law. 
Depending on the nature of the complaint, it is decided whether the investigation could be handled by the PTD itself or hand over to the local Police/ Agency. In such occasions, the assistance of the PTD could be extended as a second option.
Most of the complainants who seek service from the Tourist Police are foreign tourists. Due to this reason all the complaints should be attended and inquired immediately as they do not have adequate time duration to remain in Sri Lanka. Therefore, our main goal is to provide an amicable 
settlement for those tourists who become victims for various harassments as they do not have much time left to stay.

Providing all assistance for better improvement of tourism in Sri Lanka

Intelligence & surveillance

After the establishment of the Tourist Police Division in 2007, teams are being deployed covering the city of Colombo and other sites where tourism developed areas in order to attend surveillances in revealing unethical manners practiced by various elements in which tourists can be subjected to crimes & harassments.Beach patrols, Monitoring patrols are operated with the aspects of suppressing tourist harassments and to identify unauthorized guiding, unlawful tour operations, touts, vendors, illegal money exchanges and all other sorts of deceitful acts over the trade.


2nd Floor,
Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Building
No. 80, Galle Road, Colombo 03.

Tel/ Fax: +94112382209
Hotline: +94112421451

Police Tourist Division:

J.S. Weerasekara
Senior Superintendent of Police

Tel: +94112421052
Fax: +94112382209
Email: dptd @

Officer In Charge
Police Tourist Division

Prabath Vidanagama

Tel: +94112421070 / +94718591895

Fax: +94112382209
Email: oicptd @

  • An operation room is being functioned 24 hour basis in order to entertain complaints of tourists and any other involvements pertaining to tourism.
  • This Police Division consists of sufficient male & female officers below the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police who is the Director of this Division. 

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Inspector General of Police - Pujith Jayasundara

Pujith Jayasundara
Inspector General of Police

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